Discover the greatest esports events the UK has to offer. Whether you are a spectator looking to attend one of the major festivals or a player searching for LAN opportunities, we’ve listed it all.

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Looking to Support UK Esports?

We are on a mission to make the UK a world leader in esports – hosting the greatest events, producing the best talent, and playing a major role in the international esports scene. If this sounds like something you want to get involved in (at any capacity), or if you are looking for a career in esports please get in touch.

UK Esports Events

As a passionate gamer there is nothing more exciting than watching some of the greatest players go head to head in an arena full of thousands. The United Kingdom has a number of esports events that are available for fans, including Gfinity, Insomnia Gaming Festival and Epic.LAN to name a few; these event organisers run tournaments all year round and where possible, we have listed all of their upcoming UK events. Event locations range from London to Edinburgh and everything inbetween, with some of the more well-known tournaments taking place in London’s O2 and the Birmingham NEC.

Each event will cater to different players, whether you take an interest in PC or console gaming, or prefer first-person shooters over MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas such as DOTA 2 or LoL). You can filter the available events here by using the filter menu on this page, as more events are added we will improve the filtering process making it easier to find tournaments and events that are ideal for you.

BYOC Events

Not all events are spectator-only, in fact many of the events held in the UK will also allow visitors to join BYOC (bring your own computer) tournaments. These BYOC tournaments are effectively giant LAN parties, and the ones featured at Insomnia Gaming Festival have been some of the biggest on record. The prize money at these events can also stretch into the thousands, and provides a fantastic opportunity for aspiring players to demonstrate their skills in a more public arena. We have marked on each event if BYOC tournaments are available.

UK Teams and Players

Currently the UK does not have any high profile top tier esports teams and much of the top UK talent have been approached and onboarded by the more rapidly growing European teams. This is all changing however, as more investment is put into UK esports each year, the level of gaming talent is improving across the board. For updates on the UK teams, players and of course, events, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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